How to Cope with the Post-COVID-19 Stress – Fix Your Unhealthy Habits TODAY!

Post Covid Stress

One thing that we all can agree is that the global lockdown took its toll on our mental health.

It has been more than a year of isolation, anxiety, potential losses, and vagueness.

Some saw it as a sneaky way to slow down their lives, while others got stuck in a stressful loop of uncertainty.

Months of lockdown sure got our loved ones closer to us. But it abruptly shook our daily life routine.

Public health responsibilities (e.g., social distancing, etc.) ignited our stress and anxiety levels- making us lonely and agitated. Fear-based thinking became a pattern, a habit that, for some now has become hard to break.

Here below are some hints to overcome unhealthy habits formed during the pandemic.

Healthy Ways to Cope With Post-COVID-19 Stress and Anxiety

Let’s face it. During stressful quarantine time, we have picked some unhealthy habits such as binge-eating, excess screen time, no workouts, zero productivity, etc.

Here are some ways to break the negative thinking and behavior patterns:

1.    Take Healthy Breaks from Social Media

No, we are not asking you to abandon social media entirely. Make sure you take healthy breaks from socializing online now and then. Put strict limits to the mindless scrolling. Set a timer to put away your phone and cut yourself some slack.

2.    Do Not Binge On Unhealthy Food and Start Working Out

Stick to protein-rich foods like frozen veggies, fish, and sweet potatoes to avoid junk food.

3.    Meditate or pray to give your mind some time off of toxic thoughts.

4.    Connect Yourself with Positive and Like-Minded People

Instead of locking up yourself in a room, go for a walk – of course following the social distancing rules. Talk and connect with peace-loving people.

5.    Organize Your Routine

Do not just lay down and binge-watch Netflix. Get up and have a routine. Set tasks for everyday so no negativity seeps through your mind due to alienation.


COVID-19 crushed us all, but life goes on, and so should we.

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