Counseling Services

Behavioral Health Clinic provides professional mental health services to children and adults.

What We Do

Counseling and Therapy Services


If you would like to see a Behavioral Health Clinic provider for any of the services below, visit our new clients page for instructions on how to initiate this process. To ensure your services will be covered, browse a listing of current insurance plans we accept, or contact us directly.

Individual Counseling

You don’t have to struggle alone. Individual counseling services can help with emotional health, learning difficulties, and other issues you may be experiencing.

Group Therapy

Group therapy is an empowering form of treatment for many clients. Our interactive skills group therapy sessions can provide you with helpful strategies and tools to use in your everyday life.


LGBTQIA+ Affirming Therapy

Behavioral Health Clinic provides queer-allied services and gender-affirming therapeutic support to queer, transgender, and non-binary individuals.

Neurodiverse Counseling

We have counselors experienced in helping individuals and families work through the unique challenges of living and learning Autism, ADHD, and various other neurodiverse conditions.

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Relationship and Sex Therapy

No matter where you are in your relationship, Behavioral Health Clinic counselors can help you work through issues, develop healthy communication strategies, and feel confident in your partnership.


School-Based Mental Health

Let us help your student(s) right in their school setting with our expertise in telehealth.