School-Based Mental Health Services

Help students build social skills and caring connections in their school and community.

School-Aged Mental Health Support


It’s estimated that 12-22% of school-aged children and youth have a diagnosable mental disorder. Early intervention and support through counseling can help to alleviate the challenges your child may be experiencing.

Let us help your children right in the school setting they are comfortable in! Our expertise in telehealth means we can provide quality, remote counseling, allowing your child to get the help they need, from anywhere.

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Telehealth has been found to be as or more effective than in-person counseling, for most children and adolescents.

Emotionally Healthy Students Are More Likely To:

  • Have less difficulty engaging in learning and school activities.
  • Use appropriate problem-solving skills.
  • Demonstrate positive, pro-social behaviors.

Benefits of School-Based Mental Health Services:

  • Mental health services in schools help students achieve academically, build social skills, leadership and self-awareness.
  • Schools that collaborate with community partners enhance the academic success of students.
  • These partnerships significantly improve schoolwide truancy.
  • Increases the rate of high school graduation and helps to create positive school environments.

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