Intentional Living

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Written By: Ashley Miller, LPC

Intentional living can start with intentional thoughts.

Reflecting on the past year and what we can gain.

As we move past the “anniversary” of one year of COVID-19 directly impacting all areas of our life, I’d like to ask you to look at what we have gotten out of this experience. As a counselor, I have worked with individuals who have had many experiences throughout their lives. Historically growth can be brought about by difficult and challenging experiences. As we all did not have a choice in regards to the past year, we do have a choice on how we frame it.

Throughout this past year, I have been able to be the front-line support to many individuals as they face the unknown. I have come to support grief processing, as we are all grieving what we had hoped for and the unknown fully of the future. What I have personally found helpful was finding small joys in everyday things and being intentional in regards to how I frame my thoughts and time. Finding small joys intentionally in your day can positively impact your mood and outlook. Being grateful for the sunshine, a tasty breakfast or your morning cup of coffee can keep your mind on the positive track. This is also beneficial in regards to the way you spend your time.

Time is valuable in regards to, you can never get it back, as the saying goes. Even if the way you are able to spend your time has changed, find a way to find intention in how you use it. Deciding on what is of value to you, and making sure you fit time in to do those things that match those values. I challenge you to truly look at what is important to you, and then see if your activities or time spent matches those values. This can be eye-opening in regards to reflecting on time spent on activities or individuals that aren’t matching those values you have. The closer you are to what is important to you, the more balanced you will feel. As we move into spring, I challenge you to truly look at the values and what is important to you, and help them match to the actions in your life. Find time for those things that truly impact your life in a positive way.

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