Benefits of Online Counseling

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Benefits of Online Counseling

It is quite possible that you have heard more about the option of online counseling and its increased prevalence over the course of the last few years. If you have not heard of online counseling, it is most basically when a provider is at a location remote from a patient and communicates with/treats the patient using a virtual system. Throughout the duration of the COVID-19 pandemic, many individuals turned to online counseling as a health-conscious alternative to doing so in person. As we begin to venture further away from COVID-19, it is safe to say that virtual options are here to stay. Outside of it allowing for decreased exposure to potential viruses, there are several other benefits associated with online counseling: 

Online counseling is accessible and convenient

One might be affected by a physical ailment that requires them to remain home bound, and such a situation would make in-person counseling nearly impossible. It may even be the case that one lives in a rural area where they would need to drive long distances to attend in-person counseling. It could also be that one has an extremely busy schedule that makes it difficult to commute even the shortest of distances to an in-person counseling session. Whatever the situation may be, online counseling can break down barriers to attaining mental healthcare through its profound accessibility and conveniency. As long as you have access to a private area and a phone/tablet/computer that can connect to the internet, you are all set for online counseling! 

It is entirely understandable that in-person counseling can be distressing for individuals at times.
Being emotionally vulnerable in a face-to-face setting can feel difficult, and that is perfectly okay!

Another benefit of online counseling is that one can seek assistance from the comfort and privacy of a familiar environment, which allows for the client to feel a greater sense of control. This can ease stressful feelings associated with in-person counseling until the client feels ready to progress toward in-person meetings. Even if somebody elects to only ever partake in online counseling, that is perfectly fine! Many studies show that online counseling is actually just as effective as in-person counseling sessions. 

Overall, online counseling is accessible, convenient, and can be entirely as beneficial as in-person counseling.

Behavioral Health Clinic provides online counseling services via telehealth to get you the mental health care you need, no matter where you are. Various Behavioral Health Clinic providers are available to provide telehealth services, both in Wisconsin as well as several additional states. To see if our telehealth services are available in your state, view our coverage map. 

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