Behavioral Activation and Community Events Post COVID-19

Portrait Of Young Friends Outdoors Posing On Gangway Together

Scheduling and then engaging in pleasurable activities, also called behavioral activation in the mental health world, is a therapy technique that is often used to treat individuals with depression and anxiety.

Research consistently demonstrates that when we experience an increase in mental health symptoms, we are likely to begin isolating more. Inadvertently, we may not notice that we are not socializing as much or are not taking part in previously enjoyed endeavors.

COVID-19 of course led nearly all of us to engage in fewer social endeavors. Scientists believe that, aside from the anxiety that COVID-19 itself induced, the related lifestyle changes involving isolation and the removal of pleasurable activities from our lives has resulted in significant mental health sequelae.

As creatures of habit, it may take an extra push to get back into socializing and engaging in pleasurable pursuits. If you believe that these can be done safely, Behavioral Health Clinic staff encourage you to do so.

Here is an idea, go out and support local civic and community groups in events such as these:

(18) Wausau Events, Inc. | Facebook

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