Will a Child with Autism Have a Normal Life?


Autism diagnosis can be daunting for some parents. Years of stigma and misunderstanding on what autism is has caused people to believe that children with autism will never have a “normal” life. Firstly, it is important to define what “normal” means. Normal is a very ambiguous word that can mean something different to each person. One might think a “normal” life is growing up, going to college, getting a job and raising a family. On the other hand, a “normal” life for someone else may be graduating high school, getting a job after graduating and traveling the world all on their own. For a child with autism, their “normal” is going to be vastly different depending on the child. However, it is very possible and likely for a child with autism to have a good and successful life.

It is important to recognize that the ability of a child with autism to grow up and live on their own and take care of themselves depends on a wide variety of factors. According to Mark Wolmark from Golden Steps ABA this can include individual strengths and challenges as well as the resources available to them (Wolmark, 2023). In other words, early intervention and support are very important in helping children with autism live fulfilling adult years. Early intervention and support can help address concerns or worries early on so when a child reaches teenage and adulthood, they have been given the help they need to reach their goals. Recognizing and understanding a child with autism is the first steps in allowing them to achieve their goals in their own “normal” way.


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