Falling Back Into YOU!

As school begins, daylight lessens, and the weather changes, we encourage you to fall back into activities you enjoy this season. The goal is to do something enjoyable either by yourself or with your favorite humans, while enhancing your mental health. This is a challenge to you to engage in various activities that promote your wellness, especially as we begin preparing for the winter months ahead. Let’s discuss what this might look like for you.

Physical wellness is focusing on your body’s wellbeing and health. This is beneficial for your mental health and helps keep you feeling well. Engaging in a physical exercise daily or at least 3-4 times per week can improve your overall mood. Be sure to choose something you enjoy. For those who love to run or go to the gym, think about switching up your routine to include things you haven’t tried yet. For those who like nature, take a walk outside, prep your garden for the winter, or rake some leaves. Try a new recipe with a fall theme in mind or be mindful about increasing your water intake. Taking small steps is key for improving your physical wellness. Always consult with your primary care physician before beginning a new exercise regimen or changing your diet plan.

Emotional wellness means focusing on handling daily stress in your life and maintaining healthy relationships with others. Help yourself by surrounding yourself with people who offer something good to your day, such as a smile, support, and gratitude. These are people and conversations that add to your life, not take anything away from you. Sharing your feelings with others helps you feel as though you matter and are included in the conversation. Always remember, you can say no to an invitation or gathering if you are not up for it. Be kind to yourself and others.

Intellectual wellness focuses on gaining knowledge and exploring your own creative talents. This could mean taking up a class with a friend for a topic you have wanted to learn more about. Think about a dance class, yoga, cooking, or book club. If a group setting isn’t for you, try new things at home or with your family. Some ideas include planning a vacation, trying a new family activity outdoors, or having a trivia night. The goal is to engage in knowledge building with those close to you. Really the sky is the limit!

Spiritual wellness identifies ways you can find your life’s meaning and living your own values and beliefs to their fullest. This could include any spiritual or religious habits, including prayer, attending worship, or engaging in a religious study. Moreover, you can enhance your spiritual wellness by practicing self-compassion, volunteering, improving your self-confidence, and learning to be resilient during life’s changes. Continuing to have a positive mindset for your life and events in your life can be beneficial for feelings of peace and gratitude.

Expand your horizons this fall and enjoy some activities that promote wellness along with enjoying the season. You’ll be glad you did before the snow comes to our area.

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