New Year’s Resolution: Slow, Small, & Sustain

New Year’s Resolution: Slow, Small, & Sustain

As 2021 winds down and 2022 looms, millions of people are motivated to make changes in their lives. Whether you are inspired to practice more good deeds or unleash yourself from undesired traits or practices, you are not alone. 

New Year’s resolutions are considered a sort of do-over from the prior year, and in many cases, the same resolution gets made year after year.  How do you complete your year’s plan with the same motivation as you began? Are you ready, willing, and able?

First, believe that change is possible. At the same time, realize it does not happen all at once. What is your desired outcome, and why? Is this outcome for your benefit or to make someone else happy? For example, do you want to lose weight so to be healthier and more energetic, or because you think someone will like you better if you are thinner? The motivation can set the tone for your success. Doing something for yourself, such as getting healthier, is a great way to not only achieve the goal, but build your self-confidence and self-worth. 

Is the outcome something you can control? You are the only one who can set the parameters for meeting your goals. There is no rush to the finish line. And, there is no rule that says you cannot have multiple goals on your way to achieving the end product. Set goals you can measure and that will help you attain your desired outcome. Take small steps; the first one can be the hardest. Start slow and small so you can sustain.

Be your own cheerleader, celebrating both small and large victories. Keep a journal and write down where you start, and make notes on a regular basis so you can see how far you have come. There will be good days and bad days. Document those as well. You may discover a pattern of what works best and what tempts you to fall and learn from it. 

You may start and stop. That is okay, not everyone can ice skate on the first try. Be kind to yourself. When you fall, or hit a plateau where you feel like you cannot make more progress, knock the dirt off your knees, get back up and try again. Each fall also teaches you what works.

Regularly revisit your desired outcome and the benefits associated.  Find ways to get excited about your goals, even when it seems difficult.  You build the fire you need to keep going from within.  Most importantly, remember, we are all perfectly imperfect so give yourself some grace. 

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As seen in Wausau Neighbors Magazine – January 2022.

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