Brief Psychological Testing to Improve Treatment

Please click this link for directions on how to take the test that will be helpful for your therapy:

What is this?

Providing highly effective treatment for behavioral and emotional concerns is our mission at BHC, and we’re very happy to announce that we are now encouraging all of our newly established clients to complete a basic psychological assessment overseen by our licensed psychologists! This is a special kind of questionnaire that is not the same as any of the other paperwork you have filled out already.

It’s easy to complete and will be used by your therapist to further inform your diagnosis and more importantly, inform your treatment plan. It will help you see where you are at the start of treatment, and it will provide a comparison point for where you go during the therapy process.

Please be advised that we do bill for the assessment – so depending on your insurance plan and whether you’ve met your deductible or not, will determine the cost. We do recommend that you touch base with your insurance to see if you have coverage for psychological testing