Benefits of Summer Testing with a School Psychologist

Understanding Different Types of Learning Disabilities
Summer can be a good time for testing your child with a school psychologist for several reasons:

1. Reduced Academic Demands: During the summer months, most students are on a break from school, which means they have fewer academic responsibilities and less stress. This can provide a more relaxed environment for your child to undergo testing without the added pressure of keeping up with their regular schoolwork.

2. Increased Availability: School psychologists often have more availability during the summer as they are not as occupied with their regular duties during the school year. This means you may have an easier time scheduling appointments and getting the necessary testing done in a timely manner.

3. Preparation for the Upcoming School Year: If your child is experiencing challenges or difficulties in school, undergoing testing during the summer can help provide valuable insights and information. The results of the testing can inform educational planning and interventions, allowing the school to better support your child when the new school year begins.

4. Continuity of Services: If your child is already receiving support from a school psychologist or other related services, conducting testing during the summer can help maintain continuity in their care. It ensures that their progress is monitored, and any necessary adjustments to interventions or accommodations can be made before the new school year starts.

5. Evaluation of New Concerns: If you or your child’s teachers have noticed any recent changes or concerns in their behavior, emotions, or academic performance, summer testing can help identify the underlying causes. Addressing these concerns early on can enable appropriate interventions or referrals to support your child’s overall development.


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