Sex Tips for Mature Couples

Mature couple in bed together under covers

As we age our biological sex clocks start to slowdown and our libido diminishes for sex, or does it? Sexual activity is still very important to many mature couples and unfortunately there are very few medical professionals who take the time or have the training needed to be able to provide accurate up-to-date information about sexual health. And many, for that matter, may feel uncomfortable doing so with their patients. It can be frustrating to find a provider who will take the time to discuss topics such as: sexual relationships at a mature age, sexual functioning, erectile dysfunction, safe sex, and how to continue to improve ones’ sex life.

One of the first important things that needs to take place between you and your partner is candid open communication about where you are at with your level of sexuality and any sexual concerns either of you maybe encountering. There are many helpful interventions that can make a big difference in the sexual lives of mature couples. It allows the couples to continue to expand their sexual choices even after they may have encountered later in life health issues which may have affected their sex lives. According to an article titled “The Sex Advice We Should Take from Grandparents” (WSJ Jan 22) some of the most important sex tips to follow for mature couples are as follows:

  • Schedule It (Spontaneity is vastly overrated to mature couples).
  • Take Your Time (Matures make sharing pleasure their focus which takes time, and touch is very important).
  • Accept, then Adapt (Mature couples don’t judge themselves or partners, just appreciate what they can do together).
  • Be Active, not Passive (Mature couples are very active in knowing what they want from their partners and asking for it, it is easy for each of them to communicate with each other and they don’t stop experimenting).

At the Behavioral Health Clinic, we have clinicians who specialize in sexual health and have the training and expertise to help you with this important aspect of life.

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