Hometown:  Billings, Montana

Education: Bachelor of Science, Criminal Justice

Current Position Duties:  Communications/Billing Specialist

If you were to receive a million dollars, how would you spend it? If I received a million dollars, I would pay off all the debt I’ve accumulated as well as my family’s. I would then invest some in a retirement account for my husband and I as well as in our children’s futures. I would also designate some of the money towards venturing. I find value in life experiences, so I would love to travel the world and learn more about the many cultures and traditions. Additionally, I would establish a foundation that aims to help various programs in my community so that we can all thrive. I would also love to buy my mom her dream home.

What do you enjoy doing to relieve stress? When feeling stressed or overwhelmed, I enjoy doing yoga (honestly, I love doing yoga even when I’m not stressed). I also find it relaxing to light an incense, cover up with a blanket, and listen to music. I also find much joy and comfort in nature, breathing in the fresh air.