Virtual Assistant

Hometown: Zamboanga City, Philippines

Education:  Bachelor of Science in Psychology

Current Position/Duties: As a Billing and Claims Specialist within the billing and claims department, my responsibilities encompass various facets of managing client invoices and claims. A significant aspect of my role involves overseeing the invoicing process for client appointments with practitioners. This entails meticulous management of client portals within our EHR system, ensuring that client demographics are accurate and complete. Additionally, I am tasked with submitting and reviewing claims, ensuring that clients’ financial responsibilities align with the information provided in their EOB. Collaborating closely with the administrative manager, I also facilitate trainings and contribute to streamlining processes within the Behavioral Health Clinic, thereby ensuring operational efficiency.

If you were to receive a million dollars, how would you spend it?: Practically speaking, I don’t think someone will send me a million dollar unless I won a lottery. But If I ever have it because of my hard work, a portion of it will be used in paying off my debts, donation to orphanage I support, and providing my family’ needs. But I will definitely invest in different portfolio for financial growth such as investment in real state, cryptocurrency, and stock market.

What do you enjoy doing to relieve stress? I do physical, mental and spiritual workouts. I like to workout at least twice a week for an hour or two to maintain my physique. I also love writing journals to start my day and pray. Occasionally, I engage in family or friend’s outings.