Online Therapy Benefits in Rural Areas

Benefits of Online Therapy in Rural Areas

Online therapy is particularly helpful in rural areas due to several reasons:

  1. Access to mental health professionals: Rural areas often have limited access to mental health professionals, as there may be a shortage of therapists in those regions. Online therapy breaks down the geographical barriers, allowing individuals in rural areas to connect with qualified professionals from anywhere in Wisconsin. This expands their options and increases the likelihood of finding a therapist who meets their needs. For those living in Northern Wisconsin, online therapy provides access to mental health care without having to travel far. You no longer have to plan to take off an entire day to travel to Madison, Milwaukee, Eau Claire, or Green Bay for mental health services. 
  2. Reduced travel time and costs: Rural residents often have to travel long distances to reach the nearest mental health clinic or therapist’s office. This can be burdensome, time-consuming, and expensive, especially if public transportation options are limited. It eliminates the need for travel, as individuals can receive therapy sessions from the comfort of their own homes. This saves time, money, and effort associated with commuting. This allows people in Minocqua, Hurley, Ashland, Mercer, Mellen, Butternut, Crandon, and even Bayfield and elsewhere opportunities for quality, consistent mental health care without travel. 

  3. Anonymity and privacy: In small rural communities, there may be a lack of anonymity, making it challenging for individuals to seek mental health support without fear of judgment or stigma. Online therapy provides a greater level of privacy, as individuals can receive therapy remotely, ensuring their confidentiality and allowing them to open up more freely about their concerns. Really, let’s be honest, in small towns everyone knows everyone. Online counseling adds in extra protection if you don’t want someone seeing your car in a parking lot and getting into your private business. It also helps if you’re friends with all of the therapists in town! 

  4. Increased treatment options: Rural areas may have limited treatment options available locally, especially for specialized or niche areas of mental health. Online therapy expands the range of treatment options by connecting individuals with therapists who specialize in their specific needs. Whether it’s trauma therapy, addiction counseling, or other specialized services, online therapy provides access to a broader network of professionals. 

  5. Flexibility and convenience: Rural communities often have unique challenges, such as limited childcare options, unpredictable weather conditions like winters that seemingly last forever with blizzards and ice storms, or residents may have irregular work schedules such as night shift or rotating schedules. Online therapy offers greater flexibility in scheduling appointments, allowing individuals to find time slots that work best for them. This can help parents who may have limited access to childcare to have opportunities to get services for their children and even themselves without this added barrier. Additionally, it eliminates the need to rearrange one’s day around a therapy session, as it can be accessed from home or any private location with an internet connection. 

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