Magdalena Rocha, CAPSW, LCSW-IT


Maggi Rocha, MSW, CAPSW is a Certified Advanced Practice Social Worker and QTT (Qualified Treatment Trainee). She completed her Bachelor’s of Sociology & Criminal Justice at Carthage College in Kenosha, WI and obtained a Master of Social Work at the University of Wisconsin – Green Bay.
As a CAPSW, Maggi uses a holistic and individualized approach to therapeutic practice, understanding that life circumstances often inform a person’s approach to mental health treatment, and that one form of intervention does not fit all clients. She addresses conflict and crisis from the perspective that the client is the expert of their own life experiences and works to support and empower each client to work towards their goals together as a team.
Maggi practices her vocation in working with youth and families, ages 4 and up, including work with couples and groups. She has experience working with child attachment and development, depression and anxiety disorders, LGBTQIA+ acceptance and transition, race-based trauma, family conflict, grief, and working with clients to adjust to significant life changes and stress management.

Overall, Maggi was drawn to the field of clinical social work to help individuals find their strengths and allow people to explore vulnerability and identity in a safe, supportive, environment. Maggi is passionate about promoting and advocating for individuals to build their own staircase to success and satisfaction in their lives.

Magdalena’s therapeutic interests include:

Anxiety / Depression
Trauma / Abuse
Co-Parent, Parent, & Family Conflict
Child Behavior & Attachment
Life Adjustments & Stress Management
Groups & Couples Therapy
Chronic Pain & Insomnia
LGBTQIA+ Identity, Acceptance, & Expression

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