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Meet BHC Coach Petrina Pedry

Petrina is a professionally trained Life Coach with a master’s level education in human psychology from the Institute of Psychological Sciences in Arlington Virginia. She has over 10 years’ experience in the helping professions, including mental health counseling, coaching, mentoring and behavioral management.

As a life coach, Petrina helps individuals and couples understand and take on the challenges of life with a sense of purpose and meaning generated from increased self-awareness, skills building, and confidence to act. Petrina uses Gottman methods for relationship health, as well as Cognitive Behavioral and Positive Psychology principles to strengthen self-awareness, communication and mindset. Petrina is passionate about self-discovery, character and lifestyle development, and effective communication and relationships. She is committed to partnering with individuals and couples to identify core problems and desires and realize the possibility of transformation and resolution through focused action, accountability, and goal achievement.

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We Offer Coaching Services for Both Individuals & Couples

  • Mind/Body Wellness-Focus on intentional living. Work with your coach through goal-setting, accountability and other strategies.
  • Couples Support-Deepen skills in communication and emotional responsiveness. Gottman skills and evidence-based strategies utilized.
  • The coaching process typically involves regular sessions where the coach and client collaborate to explore the client’s goals, challenges, and progress, offering support, encouragement, and guidance along the way.
Coaching Services for Both Individuals & Couples

Our Individual Coaching Offers

  • Goal setting with a clear focus and strategies
  • Help with gaining awareness and cultivating intuition
  • Help with stress reduction for highachieving individuals

Our Couples Coaching Offers:

  • Help with resolving communication struggles
  • Skills for expressing needs and feelings constructively
  • Help with conflict resolution instead of avoidance
  • Goal setting for intimacy

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