Brief Assessments

What is it?

The Brief Assessment is an evaluation that BHC offers to all of our new therapy intakes in the first few weeks of treatment. It measures a wide variety of mental health symptoms that may benefit from targeted treatment interventions.

The assessment looks for signs of depression, ADHD, Autism Spectrum Disorder, behavioral concerns, relationship challenges, and more.

How is it helpful?

By having results and suggestions for treatment presented, it allows for a streamlined process towards your desired therapy outcomes–without the trial and error that may delay identifying concerns impacting treatment.

The assessment may identify need for further
neuropsychological testing for conditions such as ASD, ADHD, and additional disorders.

Client FAQ

Does it cost anything?

That depends on your insurance plan and whether you’ve met your deductible or not. We will run the assessment through your insurance. However, it is recommended you touch base with your insurance to see if you have coverage for psychological testing. If needed, the billing code for the service is CPT Code: 96130.

Is it something I have to do?
It’s not mandatory for treatment, no. However, it does help a great deal and can save time in terms of diagnosis and treatment planning–especially if you do have any suspicions there might be something impacting treatment
How long does it take?
It’ll be sent through email and can be completed on your computer. You can expect it to take anywhere from 20-30 minutes depending on your responses.
If I say no, can I change my mind later?
Yes! If later on you decide that you might like to go through the testing process, just let your therapist know and they can complete an internal referral to our testing coordinator.