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Getting to Know Anger Management

On one level, anger management involves techniques that help you control your temper and remain calm in triggering situations. On a deeper level, it is a way to understand that anger is a normal part of life but that you need to deploy it more constructively and effectively.

Many healthy people experience anger on a regular basis. It helps people process traumatic events and even small, everyday problems. When someone has an excess of uncontrolled anger, however, they may have an anger disorder. Anger disorders are often comorbid with other untreated mental disorders.

Healthy vs. Unhealthy Anger

Anger is a normal part of life, but there are major differences between healthy and unhealthy anger. As a starting point, an individual needs to identify whether or not their anger is healthy to determine whether or not they need anger management.

People who experience anger that interferes with their quality of life or destroys relationships, jobs, and friendships may require anger management intervention. Anger management may also be necessary for those whose anger has created legal problems.