5 Tips to Recession Proof Your Relationship

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Relationships can provide a connection that includes comfort and enjoyment in our lives. However there are many factors that can affect our relationships, some within our control and some that aren’t. Recession proofing your relationship is a term used to help keep relationships healthy, even when there is a decline in the economy or in life in general.

Tip 1: Expand your definition of wealth- Often we think about wealth as money and finances only, but it’s important to talk to your partner about what wealth means in your relationship beyond money. Think about wealth and security including activities you like to do together, spending time with pets in your family, friends who build you both up, or new adventures that provide opportunities you can do together. If we are conscious of what is important to us in our partnership, we are able to prioritize the sense of security to get through any difficult time.

Tip 2: Consider new roles- Flexibility in a relationship is a helpful quality to manage any changes that occur. Talking with your partner about new or different roles in your relationship can be beneficial and keeps open communication between you and your partner. Identifying what expectations you both have in the relationship will help with honesty and clarity. Consider new roles in your relationship as a way to be flexible in parenting, at work, or helping with chores at home. Try brainstorming together what new roles could be helpful in your relationship.

Tip 3: Create a routine- When large amounts of uncertainty hits, find smaller steps to take to create predictability in your relationship. This might include weekly budget meetings with your spouse, nightly talks about anxiety and managing stressors, or planning a monthly date night. Routines provide structure and guidance during tough times.

Tip 4: Mind the gap- Stress and anxiety affect our emotional capacities so remind yourself and your partner to have grace around times that have more tension, which a core peace to recession proofing your relationship. A small issue can result in a larger gap of misunderstandings if not dealt with in the here and now. Focus on each other’s needs to create less of a gap between you and your partner. Use communication that isn’t defensive, make time for tough conversations around finances and emotions, and allow vulnerability to be a part of your relationship.

Tip 5: Do what is manageable- Focus on the current and what is in your relationship’s control. Often recessions make us feel powerless; therefore, focus on being mindful and how you and your partner can prioritize each other will increase certainty. When things are feeling less manageable, ask for help. Reach out to loved ones, seek counseling services, or find financial resources to provide support in reaching a more manageable state.

Relationships are hard work- but also so rewarding! Remind yourself and your partner that together with healthy communication, consistency, and flexibility you can work together to recession proof your relationship

Samantha Hamann

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